About Us:

Lena Rojdestvenski holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in art education (Art Academy, Latvia), and has been working with children for 29 years. 
Children’s art was exhibiting in Brooklyn, NY, Phoenix and Scottsdale. She also has a Ph.D. degree in Spirituality in Health and Education from Ageless Wisdom University (Scottsdale). 
Lena is the founder and art teacher at Drops of Rainbow, which first opened in 1993 in Brooklyn, NY, and three years later it was moved to Phoenix, AZ, and is now in Scottsdale, AZ.
As a child art was my passion in life, but talented artists are made and not born. They have to study with dedication with teacher to achieve their goals…

You can contact us by phone: (480)285-8063 or email: lena@dropsofrainbow.net