Fine art school for children

Children will learn about the fundamentals of drawing, perspective, proportion, color, form, line, tone, how to plan compositions, how to use particular techniques and materials to express their ideas. The students will learn to observe, analyze and design particular visual aspects and then find a way to express, through emotional response to that subject. They will develop observational skills, learning how to look at a flower, a cloud, or an apple.
      Students will draw and paint everything: people and places, animals and birds, landscapes and cityscapes without worrying but learning with joy.
All the skills and techniques they will use to tell something interesting about the world around them.
      Story telling will be used to illustrate and encourage them in the use of the principles of virtues such as beauty, goodness, love, compassion, truth, and creativity through admiration of the   great masterpieces. They will study art and   discover beauty of culture, that will vibrate their heart and help them grow healthier and happier.